Dear Daughter of Almighty God

Hiding place

Psalm 32:7 (ESV)

You are a hiding place for me;
you preserve me from trouble;
you surround me with shouts of deliverance. Selah

Times are hard at the moment for lots of people, it can feel like the world is against us but we have a hiding place. Our hiding place is in our Father, the God of creation, the God of mercy, the God of grace, the God of peace and the God who is always there for us.

God can and will protect us from trouble if we listen to Him and obey His instructions. When we are in the will of God we are protected by Him with a host of angels. God cannot and will not go against our free will if we chose to walk in danger out of His will then we are on our own, until we ask for help and get ourselves back in to His will.

Read the Word of God so you will learn how to be in Gods will and so that you can learn His instruction to stay in His protection. Does this mean there will not be trouble, no but you will be protected as you go through coming out the other side giving God all the glory.

Praise God from the beginning to the end.

Your loving sister Amanda

Psalm 32


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