Dear Daughter of Almighty God


Proverbs 3:8 (ESV)

It will be healing to your flesh
and refreshment to your bones.

If you follow the instructions from the verses beforehand it will bring healing to our flesh and refreshment to our bones. I know I need this how about you?

By trusting God, leaning to Gods understanding, acknowledging Him, being not wise in my own site, fearing the Lord and turn from evil means I can live a healthy life in God. As we get older our bones get weak and tired here God promises our bones will be refreshed, old age could go better than we think.

When we line our lives up with the Word of God miracles happen every day as God keeps us healed healthy and whole. We don’t need to suffer as the world suffers we are children of the Most High God, The God of all creation.

Let’s believe Gods Word over the world’s words.

Your loving sister Amanda

Proverbs 3


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