Dear Daughter of Almighty God


Psalm 17:8 (ESV)

Keep me as the apple of your eye;
hide me in the shadow of your wings,

The apple of Gods eye, what an amazing picture that paints in the imagination. Love, provision, comfort, protection, passion, joy, hugs, sitting on a Loving Fathers lap and so much more.

Each one of us is the apple of Gods eye He takes us in His arms for protection, for love, for support, for comforting. God’s love for us is so amazing there are not the words to describe it. God puts His love into action in our lives, when we let Him. God is such pure love that He cannot stop Himself from putting action to His love. When we pray He answers we don’t always listen or receive but He always answers, even if it is no. Trust in God’s love for you He knows.

When you love someone there are always actions that follow. I love my children and want to provide for them, teach them, hold them when they are hurting and be good to them. But I could never match the love God has for us, so how much more will He do for us.

Some do not understand a Fathers love because their natural father did not love them, let God show you how much Fathers love He has for you. Receive Gods Father Love and receive healing, wholeness and restoration today.

God is Love.

Your loving sister Amanda

1 Corinthians 13


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